Powertrain Solutions

Integrating computer numerical controls (CNC) from FANUC FA and programmable Logic controllers (PLC) from Rockwell Automation unites two world-class control environments for a fully integrated automation solution that is based on off-the-shelf standardized products, allowing for easy, cost effective setup and maintenance.

Today, Systems have become more complex. More sophisticated devices are being used that need to connect, controlled and have the ability to communicate data over integrated control and information networks. Additionally, these systems need to be integrated across multiple suppliers' machines in continuously shorter project cycles.

CSR can provide a solution integrating FANUC CNCs and robots to Rockwell Automation cell controllers so OEM's and manufacturers can implement a common hardware platform into their systems. This provides engineering advantages, cost efficiencies, better part tracking, statistics and quality, a safer work environment, and an overall increase in productivity for both Machine Builders and End users.

End users will be able to control and collect data from a wide variety of devices over a single industrial EtherNet/IP network. No single vendor makes every device necessary for complex machining, however many suppliers offer EtherNet/IP connectivity for their machine tool devices.

CSR will utilize standardized logic (HMI Faceplates, AOP's and AOI's) to implement a platform utilizing the latest software and hardware technologies from Rockwell and FANUC FA.

Machine safe guarding and control is handled on the same EtherNet/IP network as standard I/O and data collection traffic. By using a common network topology, valuable machine status and part production data is available anywhere on the machining cell, plant floor and enterprise without the complexity and expense of custom engineered networking hardware and software.

With CSR's integration between CNCs, robots and the cell controller, Machine builders and End Users will benefit from a standardized Controls platform resulting in reduced Engineering time and cost savings on minimizing internal support training requirements.